ESG is a universal acronym. Nowadays is essential an approach that believes in environmental, social and governance aspects. In order to be aligned with the best ESG performance you must have ceaseless attention, put daily efforts and strive to a progressive and constant improvement. Guber starts from here.

ESG Statement

We are proud to present our first ESG Statement, which describes projects, initiatives and sustainability objectives of our bank.




Deposito102+, the time deposit with a social impact. In March 2022, Guber launched the first option of the secured deposit offer dedicated to social impact investing. The first aim is financing a shared house (Casa Comune) for people suffering from cognitive disability, located in Naples at Quartieri Spagnoli.




Fondo Salvacasa is an idea born few years ago after 2009 crisis where real estate market faced a progressive fall in residential property value, especially in suburban areas.Since then the sale value of the enforced property could not pay off the debt and also began to be systematically lower: without liquidity the debtor could not change his position remaining without a house, without money and still with a partial debt.


This is why we came up with a solution that we called Fondo Salvacasa – a social security cushion granting a return. It is a social housing fund that would take part to the auction, according to well-defined criteria, based on foreclosure process on the primary residence and on economic condition of the debtor.


Months ago, Guber met a workgroup who was working on a similar project called Snowdrop i.e. that “pierce the frost of the social crisis”.


Guber immediately joined this project because union is strength.

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In March 2022, Guber joined DHL “GoGreen” environmental protection program to improve the sustainability of its courier shipments and reduce its environmental impact. Thanks to this partnership, it is possible to calculate the carbon emissions produced by our shipments and to offset them by DHL investments in high-quality climate protection projects worldwide.


In 2020 A2A Energia granted Guber with the User “100% Green A2A” certification since our energy comes from renewable sources i.e. non-fossil energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, hydraulic, biomass, landfill gas, residual gas from purification processes and biogas).


From January 2021, Guber corporate books are digitally stored in accordance with the law, using a certified document management process that aims to reduce paper waste, toner usage and its dust emissions and volatile organic compounds.


This activity is carried out in collaboration with Mediatica, certified by AgID.

Re-Cig® Smokers Points

In June 2022 – thanks to the innovative start-up “Re-Cig®” – we have replaced the outdoor ashtrays with innovative smokers points; “Re-Cig®” obtained the patent for a process that converts cigarette butts into a plastic polymer used in 3D printing industry.


“Biorfam” is an Italian company that selects and promotes small farms and agricultural entrepreneurs, growing organic fruits through traditional techniques and ensuring the respect for the environment and the community.

Starting from 2021 Guber has been establishing a partnership with “Biorfarm”, adopting 125 beehives managed by a family-run company (i.e “Azienda Agricola Famiglia Nucci”) and making an original and eco-friendly Christmas gift.

For more information, you can visit our digital farm.

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“Piantando” is a benefit company starting social and environmental impact projects around the world, with the aim of bringing people closer to valuable projects and giving them the opportunity to do something real.

As a Christmas present for our employees, we bought more than 200 small succulent plants in handmade ceramic vases, made in little town (i.e. Castelli ), one of the most longstanding and renowned area in Italy for ceramic production.

But above all, each plant has a unique code certifying the contribution to “Silva” project, aimed to create a nature reserve in Abruzzo, in an area previously used for intensive agriculture and now in danger of desertification and runoff.

We have then helped the reforestation. 




During 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Guber entered into an agreement with Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero Multispecialistico di Brescia to protect the health of its employees and collaborators.

Serological tests were conducted in May upon return from lockdown, molecular swabs in September upon return from summer vacation, and flu vaccines were also offered in November. Monitoring of potentially at-risk situations is also constant.

Even today, thanks to a special agreement, we continue in our commitment to all our employees who can take advantage of free annual check-ups.

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Fondo Sara Pedersoli is a charity project started by her family in her honor: Sara has been our employee for many years, but first of all she was a mother who passed aways after an incurable illiness. Now we want to help the fund by granting Sara’s wish to support her child and other frail children

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The collaboration with Multipartner allows us to use a virtual document repository (VDR) that reduces paper consumption to promote environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the VDR facilitates transparent communication with the Corporate Bodies by implementing digital and structured information flows, improving the sharing of internal information, and ensuring security in the management of corporate documents.



Rebo Smart Bottle

Much more than a welcome gift, much more than just a water bottle. Every Guber employee is provided with a Rebo Smart Bottle, which is an innovative water bottle that allows them to monitor the quality of their hydration and participate in work wellness.

But that’s not all: REBO is the first water bottle that enables a positive impact on the planet. In fact, for every REBO water bottle drunk, the collection of 1 plastic bottle from the oceans is funded.