ESG is a universal acronym. Nowadays is essential an approach that believes in environmental, social and governance aspects. In order to be aligned with the best ESG performance you must have ceaseless attention, put daily efforts and strive to a progressive and constant improvement. Guber starts from here.


In 2020 A2A Energia granted Guber with the User “100% Green A2A” certification since our energy comes from renewable sources i.e. non-fossil energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, hydraulic, biomass, landfill gas, residual gas from purification processes and biogas).


From January 2021, Guber corporate books are digitally stored in accordance with the law, using a certified document management process that aims to reduce paper waste, toner usage and its dust emissions and volatile organic compounds.


This activity is carried out in collaboration with Mediatica, certified by AgID.


102 is an ambitious project which aims to involve Italian entrepreneurs who care about the relaunch of our country.
An entirely digital project promoting a new idea of banking through the simplification of suppliers’ payment processes and the reduction of financial costs, a benefit to everyone, offering over EUR 1 billion to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.


Fondo Salvacasa is an idea born few years ago after 2009 crisis where real estate market faced a progressive fall in residential property value, especially in suburban areas.Since then the sale value of the enforced property could not pay off the debt and also began to be systematically lower: without liquidity the debtor could not change his position remaining without a house, without money and still with a partial debt.


This is why we came up with a solution that we called Fondo Salvacasa – a social security cushion granting a return. It is a social housing fund that would take part to the auction, according to well-defined criteria, based on foreclosure process on the primary residence and on economic condition of the debtor.


Months ago, Guber met a workgroup who was working on a similar project called Snowdrop i.e. that “pierce the frost of the social crisis”.


Guber immediately joined this project because union is strength.

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Fondo Sara Pedersoli is a charity project started by her family in her honor: Sara has been our employee for many years, but first of all she was a mother who passed aways after an incurable illiness. Now we want to help the fund by granting Sara’s wish to support her child and other frail children

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Throughout 2020, in response to  pandemic of Covid-19, Guber stipulated an agreement with Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero Multispecialistico in Brescia in order to safeguard the health of its employees and partners.


The serological tests have been carried out in March after the lockdown, the molecular swab test in September and flu vaccines started to be distributed in November. Moreover, we are constantly monitoring of potential risk situations.


Guber Keeps his eyes on the ball.

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In 2020 starts our collaborations with Fondazione BS Musei which preserve the artistic heritage of Brescia, creating new communication channels throughout painting, photography, architecture and high-quality manufacturing at national and international level.


Guber and Fondazione share the importance of history and also the cultural transformation originated from the shared experiences and ideas.


We are honored to cooperate with Fondazione BS Musei which strongly supports Brescia’s application to become, along with Bergamo, the Italian Capital of Culture in 2023.

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