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Special situation financing

Expertise and support to address the recovery process of your company and relaunch your business.

High specialization

A dedicated and specialized team with Guber’s extensive knowledge of the territory and financial markets.


A structured yet dynamic approach to provide differentiated solutions where other traditional sources of funding may not be available.


Our diagnostic process is firmly based on personal relationships with entrepreneurs and the local community.

By your side when you need it most

Thanks to a high level of specialization within the team and the presence of competent professionals in corporate restructuring, our Special Situation division is able to devise and implement concrete and functional solutions to assist SMEs which are experiencing situations of reversible crisis to recover their balance and relaunch their business.

Due esperti schiena contro schiena della divisione special situation di Guber banca
Area dei finanziamenti in special situation della banca digitale Guber Banca
Our methodology includes a thorough financial analysis, the creation of a personalized business plan, and the offer of tailor-made financial products to help companies overcome temporary difficulties.
Tre dipendenti di Guber banca della divisione special situation mentre analizzano l'andamento di alcuni importati grafici

Who do we address?

Our team is ready to provide strong support to all businesses going through moments of reversible crisis. With our experience and expertise, we can outline targeted restructuring plans to help businesses regain their financial balance.

The key to our approach is a deep understanding of each client’s unique needs. We are committed to establishing a personal relationship with entrepreneurs and the local community, as we firmly believe this is an essential element in the diagnostic process.

The combination of technical expertise and a human approach allows us to achieve meaningful results. We are proud to be a valuable ally for businesses in these challenges, helping to guide them towards renewed financial stability.


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Fill out the contact form to request more information.

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