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Ratings and certifications

We understand the importance of providing our clients and partners with a clear and comprehensive overview of our ratings and certifications, as they are fundamental in establishing a relationship of mutual trust.

For this reason, we have summarized detailed information about the ratings and certifications that attest to Guber Banca’s financial strength, reliability, and the quality of our services.


Fitch Ratings updates Guber's ratings, issuing three upgrades: 'CCS1-', 'RSS1-', and 'ABSS-'

Fitch Ratings’ Operational Risk Group provides assessments for the primary (PS) and master (MS) special servicer (SS). These ratings provide investors and other market participants with a quantitative and clear indication of a servicer’s performance and capabilities, assessed using a standardized methodology.

Authorizations and Certifications
Banking Activity Authorizations

Registration in the Register of Banks under Article 13 of the Banking Act, number 8074


License P.S. Cat 13/B – no. 411/P.A.S.I. /2018 issued by the Police Headquarters of BS on July 25, 2018, under Article 115 of TULPS

Assilea, Italian Leasing Association
Assifact, Italian Association for Factoring
Adherence to the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund