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NPE (Non Performing Exposures)


We are passionate about non-performing credits, and our thirty years of experience provide a solid foundation on which to build innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the market.


We are committed to ensuring responsible credit management, aware of the crucial importance of this phase in the economic life of the operators and companies involved.


The entire NPE process under control: investment, financing, management services, recovery, and sale of real estate and movable assets.

The importance of protecting credits

Credit protection is an activity of utmost importance that requires specific expertise and appropriate processes to ensure both the security of creditors and support for debtors in fulfilling their obligations. We are constantly dedicated to improving our approach in credit management, with particular attention to the real economy and the protection of small and medium-sized Italian businesses.

Both in the case of non-performing loans (NPLs) and of non-performing distressed loans (UTPs), we tackle the issue efficiently and effectively through an industrialized diagnostic process, leveraging new digital platforms. However, this process cannot do without maintaining a connection with entrepreneurs and the local area, as advanced as digital technology may be, it cannot replace the value of human relationships. Briefly “Digital, but Human first”

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Area degli acquisti NPE della banca digitale Guber Banca
"The proper management of NPEs will be increasingly crucial in supporting the global economy of our country."

F.Bazoli – President of Guber Banca

What we offer

We specialize in the management and recovery of NPLs and UTPs.

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NPE credits

The purchase of NPE credits is divided into three different areas that allow us to offer a complete service to our clients:

We purchase non-performing loan portfolios

Thanks to a purchase proposal formulated based on recovery estimates and guided by appropriate control systems and rules that exclude conflicts of interest, we acquire portfolios of non-performing loans (NPLs) and handle the subsequent management and recovery activities.

Purchase of loans towards bankruptcy procedures

We deal with the acquisition of problematic loans of commercial and banking-financial origin, both towards bankruptcy procedures and towards the proposal of bankruptcy arrangements that take into account the interests of the bankruptcy estate and creditors.

Sell pro-soluto commercial credits and deductibility of the loss

We support businesses by offering ourselves as pro-soluto buyers of difficult-to-collect credits, allowing the seller to deduct the loss and thus achieve cost savings on judicial recovery expenses, justifying the write-off of credits, cleaning up the balance sheet, and improving the credit rating.

Purchase of single name UTP credits

We aim to assist companies in need of both industrial and financial restructuring by acquiring their credits from financial institutions and designing a path to support these companies in their recovery process.
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Servicing and

As one of the leading non-captive servicers in the Italian market, we take care of the entire credit management and recovery process through proprietary management software. Out of the credits recovered by Guber Banca, 75% of the recoveries occur in the extrajudicial phase and are managed entirely by our in-house staff. Also, 80% of the successful legal actions initiated by Guber are entrusted to our established network of correspondents.

Following the authorization for banking activities, we are now also authorized to carry out Master Servicing activities.

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Due Diligence
& Advisory

The Due Diligence & Advisory team is responsible for the following activities:

  • Assessment of non-performing loan portfolios;
  • Drafting of related pricing models

In addition to the experience and expertise of individual analysts on our team, we also have the thirty years of experience of Guber, which has allowed us to consolidate historical data on which we have been able to develop algorithmic statistical models for homogeneous categories to support credit evaluation.

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Real Estate

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer both real estate valuation services and real estate promotion and auction revitalization services.

Real estate evaluations

We conduct real estate valuations to support our clients following the guidelines established by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and IVS (International Valuation Standard), paying close attention to identifying valuation criteria and the most suitable methodologies (Comparables Analysis, DCF Analysis – Income Approach/Hope Value Approach), and considering the market context.

Real estate promotion and auction revitalization.

To bring the final interlocutor closer to judicial auctions, increasing the transparency of the process and providing assistance to those who want to buy a property at auction, we handle the promotion of properties according to real estate agency practices associated with the traditional real estate sector.
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A specialized platform for organizing, promoting, and managing competitive and transparent online auctions, as well as dedicated advertising for judicial sales and voluntary liquidations. We act as a specialized entity on behalf of leasing companies, entities in good standing looking to liquidate their assets, and insolvency proceedings (pursuant to Article 107 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law).

Pre and post sale support

Customer helpdesk, live chat on portals, assistance to potential buyers on-site, management of deposits and payments, support to both the seller and the customer throughout the sales process.

Pre-sales activities

Analysis and integration of available documentation, verification of the condition of assets by the locally competent agent, creation of reports and photographic surveys, 360-degree virtual tours.

Web and print advertising

Translation of inventories into English and German languages and initiation of the online auction with the opening of a dedicated seller’s personal section for monitoring the sale.

Online publication and auction management

Translation of inventories into English and German languages and initiation of the online auction with the opening of a dedicated seller’s personal section for monitoring the sale.

Specific reporting

Justification of marketing activities and marketing results achieved, certification of virtual and on-site visits, documentation of expressions of interest submitted, and activities carried out for each auction experiment.

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