Our NPE Services

Management and Recovery of non-performing exposures

With the term NPE we indicate different forms of loans that – once granted – are not easily recovered due to economic events. For 30 years now, Guber has been dealing with credit management and recovery; this requires specific competences and adequate processes in order to protect the creditor and to help the debtor. In Guber we have built a virtuous and tailor-made path, with the intent to responsibly manage a delicate stage. Another important duty of a bank.

The importance of protecting your credit.

Since 1991, we have managed over €20 billion of loans: to date, the AUM (Asset Under Management) exceeds €10 billion, 90% of which stems from banks and financial institutions. We specialise in the management and recovery of non-performing loan portfolios, both secured and unsecured.

Guber has the headquarter in Brescia, but is also a reality present in Milan.

of NPE portfolios

We purchase portfolios of non-performing loans directly, taking care of subsequent management and recovery activities

Servicing and Sub-Servicing

We are one of the main non-captive servicers on the Italian market, specialising in the management of NPL portfolios

Due Diligence & Advisory

Our Due Diligence & Advisory team is mainly responsible for valuation of non-performing loan portfolios and drafting of the relevant price models

Real Estate

Real estate valuations are carried out to support our clients in accordance with the guidelines laid down by RICS and IVS.