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Our management team is composed of professionals with extensive experience who share a passion for innovation, excellence, and creating value for our clients and stakeholders. Beyond their extraordinary professional skills, what truly makes them special is their human side and the ability to inspire and motivate their team.

Each member of our Top Management team brings with them a unique and diverse background, enriched by experiences in various sectors and international contexts. This diversity of perspectives allows us to approach challenges with creativity and adopt innovative solutions.

The founding partners

Gianluigi Bertini, vice presidente e co-fondatore di Guber banca
Vice President and Co-founder

Gianluigi Bertini

Graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Milan, over time he has held the positions of President and CEO of Guber Banca. Today, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the bank, where he holds the position of Vice President with responsibility for the legal area.
Francesco Guarnieri, amministratore delegato e co-fondatore di Guber banca
CEO and Co-founder

Francesco Guarneri

He graduated in Economics and Business from Bocconi University in Milan and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Guber Banca. He also serves as a Director of Star Finance Srl, a company specializing in the management of assets resulting from bankruptcy agreements, and is a founding member of the Ethical Foundation.

The top management

Head of Special Situation

Davide Becchetti

Graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Brescia, he specializes in the acquisition of single names and the management of the debt recovery process related to insolvency proceedings. He also serves as the CEO of Assuntore SpA, a company specialized in proposing bankruptcy settlements.
Head of Corporate&General Affairs

Marta Cocca

A graduate in Law from the University of Brescia, she went on to earn a Master's degree in Project Management from the University of Padua and at SDA Bocconi took the course "Women's Leadership: build it with us" funded by Soroptimist Club Salò. She gained her first years of experience as a legal consultant for multinational companies and joined Guber in 2018, actively taking part in the transformation to a Bank and she now is Head of Corporate & General Affairs Function. She is a member of the AISCA Association.
Head of Legal Credit Department

Rocco del Paradiso

He graduated in Law from Sapienza University of Rome and subsequently achieved MRICS accreditation. He has garnered over two decades of experience in companies within the Goldman Sachs Group before embarking on an entrepreneurial path to further consolidate his expertise in the Real Estate sector. Today, he presides over the process related to judicial credit recovery.
Head of Banking and Corporate Credits

Federico Guarneri

Graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Brescia, he currently manages the entire out-of-court credit recovery process along with a team of approximately 50 people.
Chief Human Resource Officer

Martina Pelliccia

She graduated in Literature from LUISS University and began her career in institutional relations before entering the world of human resources, gaining experience in Banking, Real Estate, and Debt (NPL and UTP) sectors. Today, she is responsible for leading HR strategies and enhancing the Bank's organizational context.
Head of Lending and Operations Department

Sabrina Pepiciello

Graduated in Statistical and Economic Sciences from the University of Milan - Bicocca, she has gained experience in roles such as Head of Asset Quality at Compass Bank and Chief Risk Officer at MBCredit Solutions. Today, she oversees the Lending and Operations Department of our bank.
Head of Administration and Management Control

Simone Porcellati

Graduated in Economics and Business from the Catholic University of Milan, he has gained his experience in the banking sector at Ubi Banca Group as CFO and within the non-performing credit management team, as well as at EY S.p.A. as a Director dedicated to M&A projects, credit assessments, and the implementation of industrial plans for clients in the financial sector.
Head of UTP

Domenico Russo

Graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, he has developed 20 years of experience in providing consulting services to companies and financial institutions in Italian and international markets, participating in numerous operations involving UTP credits in leading organizations such as doNext and Deloitte, conducting due diligence on both single-name and portfolio transactions. Today, he is responsible for UTP credit management at our bank.
Head of Transaction & Advisory

Denise Turrini

Graduated in Law from the University of Brescia, she worked for six years in Italian law firms specializing in banking and financial market litigation. Today, she oversees the Transaction & Advisory division along with a team of ten professionals.
Head of Sales & Business Development

Michele Zorzi

Graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan, he gained experience at Unicredit as Head of Special Network Strategies and Head of Leased Asset Management, and at Mediobanca Credit Solutions as Director of Investments and Development. Today, he leads the Sales and Business Development division of our bank.
Head of Legal Department

Bartolo Ferrante

After earning a law degree from the University of Palermo, an advanced course in data protection at the State University of Milan and an executive program in compliance management at LUISS Business School, he gained experience in the in-house legal departments of leading companies operating in the insurance and consumer credit sectors.

Paolo Pettinari

Graduated in Economics from the University of Brescia, after several years of experience at KPMG S.p.A., he spent over twenty years in leading national banking groups in positions of responsibility in financial administration, accounting, regulatory reporting, planning and management control.

The control functions are entrusted to the following people:

Head of Compliance / ICT Risk & Security Compliance

Stefania Rossetti

Graduated in Economics and Business from the University of Brescia, she has accumulated over a decade of experience in the banking sector, serving as a Risk Manager, Head of Internal Controls and General Risks, Head of General Affairs and Organization, and Head of Compliance.
Head of AML

Enrica Lorenzetti

Graduated in Control and Internal Auditing with a specialization in the Finance & Assurance sector and a master's degree in Corporate Finance, she has gained several years of experience in the banking sector as Credit Process Coordinator within the Internal Audit Department. She has participated in numerous on-site inspections by the ECB, played an active role in the Asset Quality Review, and conducted audits on key banking processes with a particular focus on AML, Governance, Credit, and Investment Services.
Head of Risk Management / ICT Risks & Security

Donatella Fedele

Graduated in Economics and Finance from Luiss University, she has gained nearly 10 years of experience in Risk Management in consulting firms and newly established banks. Today, she holds the position of Risk Manager at our bank.