Guber supports AWorld and UN campaign “ActNow”

Guber Banca endorsed the campaign “ActNow”, supported by the start-up AWorld and United Nations to fight the climate change.

On the 25th September, on the 1st birthday of the app AWorld, there will be the event to launch the campaign in Milan, at Cascina Nascosta in Parco Sempione. “


“With reference to the article published by MF on the 10th of September, reporting Varde to have started a process to sell its share in Guber Banca, the Fund itself denies this fact.

As usual in the management of a fund, such share will be sold, in the future, with timing and manner completely different from what reported in the article”.

This is the declaration of Francisco Milone, Board Member and partner of Varde Partners.

Fitch Upgrades Guber’s Special Servicer Ratings

Fitch Ratings has upgraded Guber Banca S.p.A.’s residential, commercial and asset-backed special servicer ratings. The upgrade reflects enhancements in Guber’s risk governance controls and special-servicing processes, which are at the highest level of proficiency.

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Guber Banca presents its new brand identity

Guber launches a new logo, a new payoff and new corporate colors, which are rooted on the company history and consolidate Guber’s strong attitude to contemporaneity and innovation: “Digital but human first”.

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Monte dei Paschi di Siena and the pressure for the bad bank, but the Treasury Minister wants the privatization.

Francesco Guarneri, leading Guber Banca in loan management since 1991, believes in a delayed impact, and in a higher effect for the companies already fragile when facing the lockdown. «Covid-19 promises to have on the economy and on the public health the same effect: to hit the weak subjects, that is the companies already in difficulties. Performing loans and UTP will challenge the banks more than the NPLs are doing: also because the first wto require more attention, resources and fast answers».

“i 102”: Guber revamp for the Italian supply chains

The aim is the involvement of 102 entrepreneurs to support SMEs through the circulation of a EUR billion.

From Guber a billion to the supply chains

Guber launches an initiative called “i102” with the intent to group the entrepreneurs (head of supply chain) open to support the digital platform of reverse factoring, called Anticipo 102.

Guber Banca is calling 102 entrepreneurs

A new initiative that wants to group 102 entrepreneurs (head of chain supply)