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About us

We are a challenger bank with a very clear vision: in an increasingly digital world, we consider personal contact with people and the local community as essential and indispensable.

We are an Italian digital bank specializing in distressed credit management and offering dedicated services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Being a challenger bank drives us to believe in the power of technology to expedite processes and overcome physical barriers. However, we are also firmly convinced of the importance of human relationships and the establishment of trust-based connections with those who choose to rely on us. Therefore, we are committed to delivering innovative and personalized financial services tailored to the unique needs of businesses, with the goal of assisting them in growing and thriving.

We take pride in our uniqueness and our ability to offer a distinctive perspective in the banking sector, supporting local businesses and consistently exceeding expectations. This is why every day we strive even harder to develop and enhance the services we provide.



Our story begins in 1991. With over three decades of experience, we have always maintained what still constitutes the core of our business today: a focus on the local community and a dialogue with businesses and entrepreneurs to assist them in achieving their goals.

These essential elements are what make us unique compared to other banks. We place great emphasis on the local context in which we operate, recognizing the importance of supporting the economic development of our community.

Our culture is built on concrete facts, providing customized solutions, and demonstrating tangible results. We are what our history represents, and our approach allows us to provide an authentic perspective and high-quality service. That’s why we define ourselves as ‘Digital, but human first‘.

Una dipendente della challenger bank Guber banca, mentre è in piazza a Brescia, osserva con uno sguardo al futuro il logo di Guber

Vision & value

Our values are rooted in integrity, transparency, and a commitment to quality service. We care deeply about our local community and actively strive to support its economic and social development.

We hope that by exploring this section, you can fully grasp what sets us apart and why we are the right choice to meet your financial needs. We invite you to explore our values, our vision, and discover how we can help you and your business grow and thrive together.


We are an innovative challenger bank where digital enhances the human factor, creating a new way of banking that can generate value in collaboration with businesses.

Our vision is built on the concept of being a dependable, proactive partner for businesses and entrepreneurs, assisting them in achieving their financial objectives. To make this vision tangible in our everyday work, we have embraced four core values that we consider fundamental pillars for our growth: passion, respect, flexibility, and innovation.


Passion is the driving force that compels us to do the work we love. Every day, we are excited to tackle new challenges, and confronting complex situations motivates us to identify increasingly challenging goals.

We are driven by the enthusiasm to make a difference, exceed expectations, and create tangible value for those who trust us.


We are a bank aware of the merits, identity, and challenges that businesses face daily, and we consistently focus our attention on them.

Our attention to businesses also translates into open and constructive dialogue: we listen carefully to their needs, goals, and concerns to adapt to different situations and generate value for all stakeholders.


We believe that the key to success lies in continually defining new ways to create value. This concept is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and serves as a growth engine for our team.

Our corporate culture encourages openness to change. We are willing to challenge our established practices, explore new ideas, and experiment with new strategies to maintain a leadership position in the industry and adapt to the specific needs of our clients.


As a challenger bank, we have the seed of innovation in our DNA. Only through this innate vocation we can create a stimulating environment in which to develop new, original, and functional services tailored to the needs of our customers.


Our logo

Our goal was to create a Guber brand with a strong identity, capable of blending the values of modernity, simplicity, and smartness with our history.
We have achieved a perfect synthesis between these two elements through the stylization of the lioness, a symbol of the city of Brescia and associated with concepts such as strength, solidity, and power.

The unconventional shape of the hexagon, reminiscent of the feline’s head, alludes without directly describing, suggesting a connection to the original form and conveying Guber’s evolution, its change, and transformation into a digital entity.