About us

digital, but human first

Guber Credit Management became a bank in 2018: the very first Italian bank to receive an ex novo authorization from the European Central Bank.

We are an Italian digital bank specialised in non-performing loan management and services for small and medium enterprises.


Digital is essential to us in order to be more efficient and transparent in providing our services. It helps us overcome physical distances and enables our clients to be more competitive.

Being digital for us does not mean virtual. Human relations are very important as much as building our clients’ trust, day by day.


This is why Guber decides to stay in touch with the companies since day one. We want to meet the entrepreneurs and know their objectives. Nowadays, this is what makes the difference in the banking world.

The Founders

Gianluigi Bertini

He graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan in Law. He is co-founder of Guber SpA, now Guber Banca SpA, which he was successively Chairman and CEO. Today he sits on the Board of Directors as Vice-Chairman in charge of the legal area

Francesco Guarneri

He graduated from Bocconi University in Milan in Economics and Business. He is co-founder of Guber SpA, now Guber Banca SpA, which he is the CEO. He is Director of Star Finance Srl, controlled by Guber and specialized in management of assets resulting from bankruptcy agreements. He is also founding partner of Fondazione Etica, dedicated to innovation in the social field.

Top Management
davide becchetti

Special Situation Dpt. Manager, he deals with single name acquisitions and collection process of NPLs claimed towards insolvency proceedings. He is also Managing Director of Assuntore SpA, a company connected to Guber Banca, specialized in compositions with creditors (concordati fallimentari). Davide graduated from the University of Brescia in Economics and he has been working in Guber Banca for more than 15 years.

elisa bonazzoli

She started her career in Guber in 1994 as loan manager, dealing with loans claimed towards bankruptcy proceedings, Today is the head of HR department. Elisa lived the birth and growth of the company.

mirja cartia D'Asero

Mirja has over 25-year expertise in financial sector, with a focus on Real Estate finance. Between 1996 and 2005 she worked as a lawyer in Banking & Finance Departments of top tier law firms such as Clifford Chance and Allen&Overy. From 2005 to 2017 she was Director in Lehman Brothers in Global Real Estate Group and as from 2008 in the Extraordinary Administration of the Lehman Brothers Group. In 2015 she co-founded Restar, a company operating in the NPE sector as the CEO. Upon merger of Restar with Guber Banca last November 2019, she has been nominated Head of the Real Estate Department. As from 2014, she covers roles as Independent Director for several listed companies, having responsibility for various internal Committees.

rocco del paradiso

In Guber Banca since 2018 as Head of Judicial Collection, he oversees the whole process of legal collection activities. Graduated from the University of Rome-la Sapienza, in Law and then MRICS, he worked for more than 20 years in companies connected to Goldman Sachs Group. Later on, he took a business path consolidating his real estate knowledge, serving as director a primary RE group.

egon fassetta

Graduated from the University of Verona in Economics, Egon worked for 17 years in the insurance world within Generali Group as Chief of Organization and Processes and then as ICT Manager. Then he moved to Allianz Worldwide Partner where he worked for more than 2 years as Head of Organizational Management and Business Analytics Management. In 2019 he joined Guber Banca as IT Director.

federico guarneri

Banking Dpt. Manager, has been working in Guber Banca for more than 15 years and he manages the whole process of out-of-court collection on portfolios originated by banks. His staff is composed by 50 people. Federico graduated from the University of Brescia in Economics.

sabrina pepiciello

She has been working in Guber since 2019, firstly as Chief Lending Officer and from March 2021 as Lending & Operations Department Director. Before that, Sabrina worked for 13 years in Mediobanca Group as Asset Quality Director in Compass Banca and Chief Risk Officer In MBCredit Solutions. She graduated from the University of Milan – Bicocca in Statistical and Economical Sciences.

simone porcellati

Graduated from the Catholic University in Milan in Economics, he is the CFO of Guber Banca. He built his banking expertise within UBI Banca Group, since 2000 to 2016, firstly as CFO of Consumer Finance Branch and, then, joining the Group non performing loan management team. Afterwards he moved to EY SpA as Director, focused on M&A projects, credit evaluations and business plan structuring for finance clients.

stefania rossetti

Graduated from the University of Brescia in Economics and Commerce, she developed her ten-plus years of experience in banking, holding the positions of Risk Manager and Head of Internal Controls and General Risks becoming, later on, Head of the General Affairs and Organisation Area and, since 2015, Head of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering.

camilla turelli

Graduated from the University of Verona in Foreign Languages, she has been working in Guber for more than 10 years. She is now in charge of Executive Secretariat and Corporate Affairs. Camilla is also the executive assistant to the CEO.

denise turrini

Head of Transaction & Advisory Team since 2013, she is supported by a team of 10 people. Denise graduated from the University of Brescia in Law. She is a lawyer and, before joining Guber, worked for 6 years in Italian law firms as legal consultant specialized in banking and financial litigation.

michele zorzi

Business Development Manager, he joined Guber Banca in June 2018, after 5 years at UniCredit as Head of Special Network Strategies and, then, as Head of Leased Asset Management, and 2 years at Mediobanca Credit Solutions as Business Development Manager. Michele graduated from the Catholic University in Milan in Economics.

April 2021

Guber upgrades its ratings

Fitch issues Guber three ratings upgrade: RSS1-, CSS1- AND ABSS1-

October 2019

Guber launches its second banking product: Anticipo102

Anticipo102 is a fully digital supply chain finance, which allows suppliers to collect in advance 100% of the invoice. net of a trade discount, and offers their partner companies a payment extension of 30 days.

october 2018

Guber Banca launches Deposito 102

Deposito102 is Guber Banca new online deposit account, the ideal investment for those who want to grow their liquidity without any risk.

march 2018

Guber Banca is founded

Guber SpA received authorisation to carry on its banking business from the European Central Bank and announces the official creation of Guber Banca.

april 2017

Varde Partners acquires 33% of the Guber share capital

The American fund supports the two founding partners in the company’s shareholding structure.

dicember 2016

Rating Special Servicer ABSS2+

Guber obtains the rating ‘ABSS2+’ from Fitch and confirms the ratings ‘RSS2+’ and ‘CSS2+’.

january 2014

Rating Special Servicer ABSS2

Guber also applies for a Special Servicer ABS rating and in January 2014 the CSS2 and RSS2 ratings are confirmed along with the assignment of the ABSS2 rating.

march 2011

Opening of the first office in Milan

Following the acquisition of a business unit from Citifinancial-Citicorp, Guber opens an office in Milan.

april 1998

Banking service

Guber gets into the banking field, becoming a highly qualified service provider, both for Italian credit institutions and for international institutional investors, transferors of NPLs, including securitised.

january 1994

Industrial sector

In 1994 Guber began to extend its collaboration to industrial and commercial companies.

innovative management model

In 1994 Guber began to extend its collaboration to industrial and commercial companies. In the second half of the 1990s, Guber created a real industrial model for managing the judicial recovery process, which is still one of its distinctive skills and strengths today.

january 1991


The founding shareholders are Francesco Guarneri and Gianluigi Bertini. The initial mission was to assist the Bankruptcy Proceedings in the recovery of their debts, combining the collection activity with the delicate activity of credit assessment.