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Being digital for us does not mean virtual. Human relations are very important as much as building our clients’ trust, day by day.

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Our Services

Our market approach and our ability to understand a wide variety of situations have enabled us to develop services able to support SMEs: the management of NPLs and UTPs has gradually been joined by new businesses such as special situation lending, purchase of tax credits, evolved factoring, advisory, due diligence and real estate consulting.


NPE (Non Performing Exposures)

We purchase portfolios of non-performing loans directly, taking care of subsequent management and recovery activities

Tax Credits

We evaluate and purchase tax credits to meet the liquidity needs of Italian companies.

Special Situation Lending

We deliver special projects to support enterprises in temporary difficulties or reversible crisis situations.

Anticipo 102

We support our clients with liquidity issue by offering advanced factoring solutions.


Guber time deposit account

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Deposito102 is Guber online time deposit account, the right investment for people who want to grow their liquidity without any risk. It is the ideal solution for those who want to secure their savings without losing the opportunity to have a return over time.

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