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For Guber, energy savings also matter

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The Bank

Digital but Human First

We are a Digital Bank that strongly believes in human relationships and trust-based connections with our customers.

Our values are rooted in integrity, transparency, and a dedication to actively seeking solutions that can support the economic and social development of the community.


We boast a strong experience of over three decades in the Distressed Credits sector

Each credit represents a relationship and an opportunity to create positive impacts at a personal, economic, and social level. We are committed to maximizing value for our investors
and contributing to the restoration of financial stability in challenging situations.


We are interested in your future

Two products and five maturity options for maximum attention
to your interests.
Deposit102 is a fully digital deposit account.

Zero costs

D102 is a free deposit account, with no opening, closing, or management costs.


The invested capital is guaranteed up to €100,000.


Every step of the opening process is clear and transparent.

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What we offer

Discover Guber Bank's tailored solutions to support your business!

Icona in 3D relativa all'area acquisto NPE
NPE purchases (Non Performing Exposures)

We purchase non-performing loan portfolios (NPL – UTP) and handle the related management and recovery activities.

Area dei crediti erariali della banca digitale Guber Banca

We assess and acquire government credits to facilitate their release and provide businesses with the necessary liquidity.

Area dei finanziamenti in special situation della banca digitale Guber Banca
special situation

We analyze situations of temporary economic or financial imbalance in businesses and develop targeted projects to provide them with the necessary support.

Area di factoring della banca digitale Guber Banca

We support businesses with liquidity through our various advanced factoring solutions.

Deposit account

We help private parties safeguard their savings with our simple and digital deposit account solutions.

Un abbraccio solidale tra due ragazze per raccontare il mondo di Deposito102 e Deposito102+, un prodotto della banca digitale Guber Banca

Welcome to our way of digital banking

We are a digital bank that aims to stand out in the banking sector by providing innovative and digital solutions, but above all, by placing the people we collaborate with at the center of our actions.

What makes us unique is our extraordinary adaptability, the passion and dedication of our team, and a deep focus on human relationships and the community in which we operate.

Una dipendente della challenger bank Guber banca, mentre è in piazza a Brescia, osserva con uno sguardo al futuro il logo di Guber
The first Italian bank to receive an authorization ex novo from the ECB

In 2018, Guber Credit Management transitioned into Guber Bank, following 30 years of experience.

Guber Goes Green

We are a Digital Bank; nevertheless, we firmly believe that our role goes beyond purely financial matters, and we consistently strive to contribute to the well-being of individuals and the environment in which we operate.

We recognize our impact on society with profound responsibility and collaborate with local authorities, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders to develop initiatives that promote crucial themes such as environmental sustainability, social inclusion, financial education, and community support.

We are convinced that the future of the economy is intertwined with social and environmental sustainability, and we are determined to lead this change with our concrete commitment and active collaboration with all those who share our vision, aiming to create a lasting and meaningful impact for the common good.

Immagine 3D che manifesta la vicinanza della banca digitale Guber banca alle TTP
PSD2 & OpenAPI

Are you a TPP?

Register on the CBI Globe portal to access our services.

Immagine 3D che manifesta la vicinanza della banca digitale Guber banca alle TTP

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